10 Bourbon Cocktails That Bring Out the Flavor of the Spirit

It's no surprise that some of the best cocktails are bourbon-based; rich and complex, bourbon is noted for its light flavor and delicate sweetness, making it one of the more flexible spirits in the whiskey category. 

Vieux Carré

This is quite a boozy cocktail, with the star spirit traditionally being rye and the supporting roles filled by Punt e Mes vermouth 

Bourbon Sweet Tea

Iced sweet tea is somewhat synonymous with the South, and it makes sense, since, according to What's Cooking America 

Whiskey Sour

The combination of sweet and sour flavors, when done well, can be like an absolute symphony in your mouth. 

John Collins

If you're up to speed on your classic cocktails, then you're certainly familiar with the Tom Collins 

Kentucky Mule

You're probably familiar with the classic Moscow mule, a combination of vodka, ginger beer or ginger ale, and lime juice. 

Blackberry Bourbon Smash

Maple syrup: It's not just for pancakes and waffles anymore. 

Bourbon Sidecar

Like many cocktails on this list, the classic sidecar cocktail recipe is a drink with a muddled (sorry) origin story. 

Bourbon Mulled Cider

Mulled cider is a great way to make the chill of a cold day melt away, and the deep, earthy, spicy aroma of a cider 

Hot Toddy

The hot, boozy cocktails continue on the list with the hot toddy, a drink that not only tastes incredible but was once thought to have been a cure for the common cold. 

Whiskey Highball 

The highball is one of the simplest cocktails to prepare, which is why it's one of the best to highlight the flavor of the base spirit being used, which, for the purposes of this list, is bourbon. 


If this is your first time hearing of the boulevardier cocktail, we're here to tell you that this is a classic cocktail not to be forgotten. 

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