If you want to eat delicious food, you shouldn't travel to these 18 nations. Not a single location on this list is renowned for its mouthwatering sweets or outstanding food.  

Vatican is a good destination to visit on its own, many visitors have expressed dissatisfaction with its expensive restaurants, tourist trap cafés, and restricted food options. Given that Italy surrounds the Vatican  

Even though it is the home of fish and chips, England's culinary reputation is not great. Maybe it's because the food doesn't utilize many spices.   

Because, well, spiders, most people's wish lists don't exactly include Australia. However, cuisine is another aspect of Australia that deters visitors. Australia and England share a lot of similarities when it comes to taste and composition.  


Even though Iceland is one of the most breathtaking destinations on earth, the dreadfully boring and pricey cuisine offered there surpasses even the country's breathtaking scenery and icy blue beaches.  


It may surprise you to learn that Bulgaria is on this list given its relatively robust agricultural sector, but sadly, the nation has some rather awful pairings.  

Although Scotland produces some incredible alcoholic beverages, the food's sheer blandness will surprise you even with the most potent scotch.  

The fact is, flavor and quality aren't lacking in Canada. Canada's lack of experimentation and the fact that the majority of its popular eateries are multinational chains offering a variety of cuisines are the country's problems.  


there are obvious reasons why North Korea isn't the best place to travel, but some who have visited have complained about the cuisine, and their feedback isn't great.

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