10 Spring-Inspired Jelly Nail Polish Looks 

Try jelly nail polish this spring for a juicy, semi-sheer nail color. 

Jelly polishes, akin to Jolly Rancher candies, offer a playful touch to your manicure, says Olivia Van Iderstine, VP of content and creative at Olive & June. 

Jelly nail polish is versatile, allowing you to wear it alone or layer it for different effects. 

A single coat of jelly polish gives a sheer color, while two to three coats create a vibrant, popsicle-like look. 

Layered jelly polishes add dimension and a 3D effect to your nails, adding visual interest. 

They provide an opportunity for artistic freedom and customization in your manicure. 

Jelly polishes are perfect for experimenting with different nail looks this spring. 

Embrace the fun and versatility of jelly nail polish for a fresh, dynamic manicure. 

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