10 Spring Nail Trends that Always Look Chic  

"We've grown accustomed to a fast-paced trend cycle, leaving little room for sticking with what works or reveling in our successes (like achieving the perfect minimalist French manicure).  

Navigating the plethora of beauty trends can be daunting, even for enthusiasts. To get a better idea of what to watch for this spring, I asked several nail experts for their top predictions." 

"According to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, classic '90s-inspired square and almond-shaped nails are making a comeback this season. 

'I've been noticing fewer ultra-long and dramatic nails and more medium-length nails in classic almond shapes, and even short nails that barely extend past the fingertip,' adds Julie Kandalec." 

"Enhancements like structured manicures, gel polish, and acrygel are still popular, but they're more common on shorter nails.

'This is because we're spending more time working digitally, and shorter nails make typing faster,' Kandalec explains. 

And don't worry—nail art looks just as stunning on short nails as it does on longer ones." 

Below are 11 trends and products that will be dominating the beauty space, as told by celebrity manicurists and beauty educators, from youthful candy-colored shades of polish to hyper-feminine details.  

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