This idea is not just feasible, but typical in South Korea. There are unique drink alternatives in entire regions that are unavailable throughout the nation.   

Starbucks' hidden menu, we can't help but be a little envious of Starbucks in South Korea for offering a white taro latte, also known as white taro milk.  

Starbucks in the US has a wide range of shaken tea options, although its flavor profile tends to be more straightforward.  

The colorful character of the Bijarim Forest in Jeju is captured in the Jeju Bijarim Forest cold brew.   

All we can hope for is a line of drinks in the US that are named and created in honor of particular places, providing a unique experience at every turn.   

They smell somewhat more unusual than your typical coffee, and they are thick and tasty. This is due to the fact that breves—which are named after the beverage  

The world of espresso drinks is broad and diverse, and new developments are always challenging our preconceived notions about what makes great coffee  

Starbucks provides a selection of beverages in Jeju that highlight the distinctive features of the area.   

The Jeju black sesame cream frappuccino, a darker take on the classic beverage and a nod to the limited-edition Jeju black latte, is served alongside the mugwort rice cake cream frappuccino.   

If you enjoy Starbucks' traditional vanilla bean frappuccino, you are already acquainted with its deliciously smooth and sweet flavor profile.   

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