10 Stunning Optical Illusion Quilt Patterns

This quilt's centerpiece is illusionized by colors and shapes in this lovely pattern. A confident novice may make a 60"x60" quilt top using it. The designer links to many quilt-building YouTube videos.


1. Convex Illusions

It looks like floating blocks in this beginner-friendly pattern. The brown blocks "shadow" the colored blocks. This pattern works well with fat quarters with lovely prints for quilt tops.


2. Color Block

Do you see something odd in this quilt top? If you look closely, the blocks are log cabin blocks. Only two contrasting colors are needed for log cabin blocks. The pattern assumes basic quilting skills and contains templates for four block sizes. 


3. Log Cabin Optical Illusion

This is the best 3D quilt pattern. An intriguing chain link motif is created by sewing tiny triangles together and color-coordinating them on this quilt top. No “Y” seams are used to make the 53”x75” quilt.


4. Wind Chimes

This two-toned quilt uses different-sized squares and rectangles to create a funhouse-themed illusion. Final quilt size is 75"x75". Another easy pattern with great quilt top instructions.


5. Astigmatism

Beautiful modern patchwork mimics architecture. Create a gorgeous quilt top with just two blocks and 2 ½” strips. The 55"x74" quilt is done.


6. Entangled Sky

Since the blocks require “Y” seams, this stunning quilt is appropriate for beginner and advanced quilters. Pattern instructions cover fabric cutting and block construction. Final quilt size is 54x68”.


7. 3D Blocks Illusion Quilt

This quilt's centerpiece, “Spiral Motion,” uses spirals and squares. A rectangle-and-square checkerboard heart is in the center. This quilt's maker added movement with batik textiles. A 67" square quilt is completed.


8. Spiral Motion

Brilliant modern twist on the 9-patch quilt block. It may look complicated, but this quilt top employs one block, making it a good beginner project. The finished quilt is 55x65”.


9. Game Changer

This quilt is lovely. This striking centerpiece is made with strips and a Dresden plate tool. In the 18-page pattern, various variations are included. The 20"x20" block is finished.


10. Modern Vortex Quilt Pattern

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