10 Top Men's Fashion Week A/W 2024 Trends

We don our chunkiest knit sweaters and thick socks to brave the cold again. You may wish to update your outfit for the new season. In January, Milan and Paris fashionistas wore gorgeous outfits. Pop-color sweaters, ripped jeans, 

 and androgynous stylings are big this season, along with many unexpected surprises, and we're here for it. These top 10 Men's Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2024 trends will inspire your next shopping excursion.

Who advised against color in chilly weather? These vibrant knits bring October sunshine. Knitwear rose on the runway last season and entered everyday style. Chunky knit sweaters in blue, green, and yellow update a classic style. They look fantastic with dark denim or straight trousers for an office look. 


1. Pop Color Knit

Who would have guessed cargo pants would be a season staple? However, in 2024, practicality and effortless style are key. For men who desire a casual look with a little edge, humble cargo trousers have undergone a major transformation in recent years. Before its reinvention, these pants were only available in beige or brown. 


2. Cargo Pant

Winter fashion staples include puffy coats. If you're tired of uniform (and often boring) jacket styles, make a statement. Rick Owens and Moncler have transformed outerwear with exaggerated collars and shoulders, vibrant colors, and elaborate stitching. Wear vibrant colors or orange to beat the weather and choose puffy silhouettes to stay warm. 


3. Statement Puffer

Have you been wondering how to add color to your winter wardrobe? Try orange. It works well with complementary and contrasting colors like blue and purple as a secondary hue, but it shines with neutrals like white, black, and stone. Hats and shoes in orange are subtle yet effective accents for the ensemble. Why not wear a bright hoodie or shirt to go all out?


4. Orange Pop

Fashion cycles; what was revolutionary decades ago is now a statement piece. Men's skirts have been part of menswear for millennia. Recently, they've been associated with punk subcultures and grunge, but Thom Browne's tailored design brought them back into the mainstream. This conversation starter looks well with a blazer or coat, jeans, and high socks, or a leather jacket and clunky boots for a punk look. 


5. Skirt

Ripped jeans fans, rejoice! This season, we're bringing back ripped jeans, but with a twist. Fashionistas shredded the cloth from thigh to ankle in an ordered but chaotic manner, rather than cutting at the knee. This trend is easy to copy, whether you like Rick Owens or streetwear. Stick to block colors and avoid patterns to highlight the crumpled fabric.


6. Unique Ripped Jean

No matter what others think, dressing guidelines are not set. The same is true for gender-specific pieces and how we dress them. The androgynous appearance has been a fixture since the '60s, and while it's changed over the years, the outcome stands. We suggest pairing a structured blazer and purse with men's slacks and chunky boots to modernize this outfit. Optional: skirt with button-down shirt or cardigan, bomber jacket, and beanie. 


7. Androgynous Style

We've abandoned spray-on skinny jeans for wide-leg trousers. These stylish and comfortable pants are excellent for smart-casual and versatile. Sailors in the 1930s popularized this elevated clothing, which David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, and Harry Styles have worn.


8. Wide Leg Trouser

According to ‘80s fashion, broader shoulders are better. This season, we're mixing gender stereotypes and playing with big shoulders and exaggerated silhouettes for a multifaceted style. Enhance the classic menswear look with an oversized coat and jeans and boots or a blazer a few sizes larger, worn with things closer to your genuine size for a dramatic effect. 


9. Exaggerated Shoulder

Why take off your tracksuit when temperatures drop below expectations? Layering casual items like hoodies with tailored menswear like blazers and long coats is popular this season. We've seen people wear the hood over their heads instead of below their shoulders to add height and keep their heads and necks warm. 


10. Layering with a Hoodie

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