11 Great Western Shows After Lawmen: Bass Reeves

We love new Taylor Sheridan shows, and Lawmen: Bass Reeves is the latest. Bass Reeves is based on the real-life man of the same name. 

Reeves, the first Black officer west of the Mississippi River, went on to arrest nearly 3,000 convicts and outlaws without being seriously injured. 

The show stars David Oyelowo as Reeves, who developed the premise with Sheridan.

Taylor is someone I know. I met you at the Sundance Film Festival years ago, before Yellowstone.

Oyelowo told The Hollywood Reporter that reinvigorating the Western—a certain kind of storytelling that Taylor has brought back to popularity—and proving that there is a massive audience for it is one way to get a show like Bass Reeves off the ground. 

After a few years, our discourse became a self-fulfilling prophecy that this would happen.

While Bass Reeves' first season's unique storytelling and true crime element captivated fans, you can still binge watch Western entertainment. Our selection will keep you on your couch for hours as you explore Western culture.

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