12 Zodiac signs guide: dates, personality traits, and more

Today, 'What's your sign?' is as common an icebreaker as ‘what do you do?’ So, whether you're an astrology specialist or newbie, you probably know your Sun sign.

Aries, represented by the ram, love leading. Their rebel reputation is built on their fearlessness and other attributes. Imani Quinn, Quantum Mystic Oracle, lecturer, and artist, says Aries are willing to try new things and take chances.

1.  Arie

 Montúfar states that Taurus, an earth sign defined by'slow and steady wins the race,' is ideal for long-term relationships due to its solid features, according to Ward.

2.  Tauru

 Quinn says Gemini, an air sign with many superpowers, including multitasking, is complex and out of the box. Montúfar describes Gemini as a flexible, intellectual sign with boundless curiosity and a sharp mind. 



 Cancerians are known for their affection and dedication to loved ones. According to Montúfar, this sign is intuitive and tenacious, focusing on protecting their family and loved ones.


4.  Cancer

 This jungle king loves life. ‘Leo may be brave and fearless, allowing them to take risks and follow their dreams with vigor,’ adds Marquardt. You undoubtedly know that Leos prioritize creating a good impression


5. Leo

 Montúfar explains that Virgo, known as 'the maiden' or 'virgin,' symbolizes wholeness and perfection in astrology. Naturally, Virgos can help you arrange your birthday party or give your next presentation—resourcefulness is one of their many skills.

6.  Virgo

 Libras are peacekeepers (symbolized by the scales of justice), but their congeniality is unmatched. Marquardt believes this sign'seeks to be a source of joy for others' and represents beauty, balance, harmony, and fair play

7. Libra

 Scorpios, femme fatales, are strong with their borderline psychic talent. Marquardt says water signs have a focused intuition. Montúfar recognizes their ability to focus on key questions and uncover hidden secrets.

8.  Scorpio

This thrill-seeker relies on luck and positivity 'because they’re so focused on seeing the rewards of seeing new places and enjoying new activities,' says Marquardt. They're truth-seekers who find answers by making lots of connections

9. Sagittariu

 Ever heard of a'sea goat'? You have a mythical Capricorn water creature. Montúfar describes Capricorns as ambitious and resolute initiators, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn's self-discipline may be their greatest strength if intimidating others isn't. 

10. Capricorn

This sign produces humanistic, visionary, and progressive people who want to improve the world. Marquardt says they don't care about social standards; they want to grow

11. Aquariu

 Montúfar describes this sign as 'dreamy and mystical,' marking the completion of the zodiac trip. Pisces unites the spirit by combining the traits of all 11 signs. Quinn says this sign experiences their own and others' emotions.

1 2. Pisce

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