3 Body Problem: Create the New World

After several episodes focusing on plot and getting to the point, “The Stars Our Destination” provides a welcome break. 

It's an aftermath episode that slows down to assess everyone's mental health and sets up the season's final two episodes.

I want more time to relax and comprehend things. A visit to Will's cottage on the beach brings the Oxford Four (RIP Jack) together to decompress

 despite various reasons for being compressed. Will is still dying with pancreatic cancer, and his imaginary 

countdown is more genuine than Auggie's. He loves Jin, which hurts just as much. However

spending time with Will when he's usually solving those issues in his own world is pleasant.

I still find the love-triangle aspect of this story a little forced, but Jess Hong and Alex Sharp are good actors 


 who can convey a hidden well of yearning beneath their interactions, like in the beach scene when she drops two paper boats in the water


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