3-Ingredient Chia Pudding

Made with almond milk, chia seeds, and your preferred sweetener, this 3-ingredient chia pudding is a nutritious snack high in fiber, protein, and good fats!

I've been preparing this 3-ingredient chia pudding recipe for over ten years, and it has been a fan favorite since the website's start. 

Chia seed pudding is the best option for a sudden energy boost. This is a protein-rich, low-effort snack or breakfast that has the ideal proportions of chia seeds, milk, and your preferred sweetener.

With its smoothness and little bursts of soft, slightly chewy seeds throughout, chia seed pudding is similar to tapioca pudding but is a more nutritious choice. 

The almond milk naturally thickens and takes on a pudding-like texture and flavor when the chia seeds settle in the refrigerator. 

This allows for a limitless array of topping combinations. It's a meal or snack that will give you a full, content, and energized feeling! See how to prepare chia pudding in less than five minutes!

Delicious method to include chia seeds in your diet. Chia seeds are regarded as a superfood because of their amazing fiber and protein content! 

Chia seeds are packed with benefits, such as vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids that support the brain.

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