7 Cheap, Easy Large Group Meals

 I've fed groups at home for decades. Here are 20+ of my favorite cheap and quick large group meals.

 A recipe feeds an army. Most people like meaty, cheesy spaghetti. When not hosting groups, I make this pasta, bake one half, and freeze the other.

1 .Hearty Baked Penne 

Everything you need to build a Taco Bar at home. Delicious ingredients, precisely seasoned Taco Meat, and practical recommendations for serving an easy dinner to a party. A excellent dish for prepping!

2 .  Taco Bar Tastes Good  

 The Slow Cooker Pot Roast​ This pot roast has tender, shredded chuck roast, young Yukon gold potatoes, and carrots in a rich brown gravy. No cream soups or gravy packets! Simply delicious meal that will leave you wanting more.

3 . The Slow Cooker Pot Roast​ 

 Want a good, affordable dinner the whole family or party will love? Classic Baked Potato Bar! Potatoes become main dishes with hefty toppings.

4 . Baked Potato Bar  

This 3-hour slow cooker dish uses 6 ingredients. The golden-colored, complex-tasting 5-minute Pineapple Sauce is sweet but not overly sweet. Each individual can sprinkle it on ham slices

5 . Crockpot Ham 

 These slow cooker carnitas are one of my favorite cheap large group dinners. They're simple, cheap, tasty, and customizable. Use on taco bars.

6 . Deadly Carnitas 

 After the first time I cooked this Chicken Spaghetti recipe, my husband ate it for five meals and asked me to make it again the next week. Creamy, savory, and full.

7 .  Chicken Spaghetti 

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