7 easy ways to improve home air quality without a filter

We worry about outdoor air pollution, but what about indoor air? Airborne allergies and respiratory illnesses can result from indoor air pollution. 

Household air quality affects seasonal allergies, dust, germs, and mold.  There are various ways to enhance air quality in your house without expensive filters if you haven't yet bought one of the top air purifiers or are seeking for a cheaper alternative.

Opening windows for airflow is a simple (and free!) technique to improve indoor air quality. Given the varying temps outside, we don't do this often enough, which can create acrid air. 


      1. Open your windows

Houseplants brighten a room and bring nature inside. Some plants can reduce stress, increase mood, and purify the air.


    2.. Purify your air with                         houseplants 

This may be obvious, but how regularly do you clean your floors and surfaces? If you have indoor allergies, you'll need to know how to quickly eliminate dust mites in the home.


     3. Weekly dusting and                      cleaning floors 

To eliminate odors and freshen the home, many people use sprays, candles, or incense sticks. Most contain air-polluting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, and xylenes. 


  4. Ditch air fresheners for                 essential oils 

Candlelight can make a home comfortable. Choose air purifying candles instead of dangerous chemicals for your home. 


 5. Use air purifying candles 

Most homes have the best smart air conditioners, yet we neglect to check the filters. Dirty filters can lower home air quality due to dust and germ buildup.


 6. Don’t forget to clean your               A/C unit filters 

The majority of dust in our homes comes from our shoes. Under shoes, 80% of dust enters, say experts. This lowers household air quality due to continual traffic. 


   7. Remove footwear when            entering the home 

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