9 Backyard Lighting Ideas for A Gorgeous Glow. 

Creating a lively backyard starts with lighting. Just because the sun begins to set and daylight disappears doesn't mean it's time to head indoors, especially if you're hosting a party.  

If you're hosting a backyard barbecue or entertaining with an elegant dinner party, make your lighting intimate with its warm ambiance.  

Does your home have a courtyard or extensive garden area? Add lighting to the sides of your path for visibility and to dramatize the nearby foliage. 


If you're planning on using the backyard for night entertaining and aren't looking for an extensive lighting project, line the edge of your patio or deck with tea-light candles.  


Magnify the tranquility of your garden fountain or waterfall with lights. The sounds of the running water mixed with the warm glow create a peaceful environment full of charm and sophistication.

Some backyard lighting ideas are meant to up the drama around your home when it comes to landscaping, which is why garden lights were a must for our list. 

Instead of purchasing a new light fixture, consider making your own backyard lighting with the help of fairy lights and Mason jars.  


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