Daily "sitting time" 

It's likely that you are aware of the health practices that extend your life, such as increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables,  

exercising, getting enough sleep, and controlling your stress.  

you're undoubtedly also aware of a handful that can have the exact opposite effect, such as excessive alcohol consumption on a daily basis,   

smoking, and eating a diet heavy in added sugars. You might be unaware of another practice that reduces lifespan, though.  

As far as specialists are concerned, it's "the new smoking." And the majority of Americans regularly engage in this habit.  

Sitting for extended periods of time each day is the most detrimental habit to break if you want to live a longer life.  

United States spend eight hours or more a day sitting, accounting for nearly 81% of all adults in the country.  

It is estimated that sitting accounts for more than half of an adult's waking hours overall.  

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