A fascinating visual illusion tells whether you're easy to get along with.  

Have you ever felt as if your mind or eyes were playing tricks on you? You could have been looking at an optical illusion.  


Our brains and eyes work together to comprehend what we see in front of us, but even if they try to communicate in a basic language, it can become jumbled.  


Colours, shadows, and angles assist the brain interpret what it sees and begin to build an opinion based on these cues.  


Some believe that how we interpret these visuals can reveal an inner sense of our characters.  

In this latest optical illusion, you are asked to reveal what you perceive first in the image, as it may reveal if you are'realistic' or not.   

The personality test claims to be able to tell you whether you're an easy person to get along with and how many friends you have based on what your brain relates to.  


To take the test, simply glance at the image and determine whether you see a woman in Paris or a girl's face staring back at you.  


Sharing the illusion on TikTok, user @babytornado29 wrote: "If the most obvious answer to you is that it's a girl in Paris, you're realistic and easy to work with." You must have many friends. 

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