A flight attendant's odd 'hack' for getting more liquids through security is going viral.

Though her employer may not approve, a Delta Air Lines (DAL) flight attendant has garnered

internet attention for a technique she uses to bring additional alcohol on the plane.

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 because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not limit how many liquid containers can be brought through security in a quart-sized bag.

"If you guys like oat milk or any kind of milk or condiments, get a breast milk bag and put your liquids in there

Kates says in the video as she pours almond milk into a plastic bag. "They do not spill."


Breastfeeding travelers buy 3.4-ounce plastic bags on Amazon (AMZN) for $15 for many dozen


but they can also be used to transport other items because they meet the TSA's 3.4-ounce standard and make liquids and gels easy to transfer


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