A Neurologist Says You Should Never Do This to Lower Your Cognitive Decline Risk

Your definition of a good old age Most people want a healthy body and mind.  

 decline is more likely with age, it is not inevitable. You can keep your mind bright by taking care of your brain. 

While we can't control our health, knowing that your lifestyle can affect your body and brain is empowering

If you wish to reduce your chances of cognitive deterioration, avoid one behavior or quit it immediately. 

Want Better Brain Health? This is the most important supplement, say experts.

Dr. Amy Naquin-Chappel, MD, a neurologist at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, believes minimizing cognitive deterioration requires multiple habits. 


Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heredity, sleep disorders, brain traumas, and depression all been linked to cognitive decline, she says.


Not all of these factors are controlled, according to Dr. Naquin-Chappel. You can't control everything that affects your brain


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