A REAL MARTIAN Genetically engineered astronauts needed to colonize Mars in 2050 will benefit deep space exploration.

Musk has announced his aspirations to colonize Mars in the 2050s and is testing the rocket.


Usov says humans may need to volunteer to become genetically modified astronauts to do it.


"We want space success. not just a few weeks "says The Sun.


Usov's future sounds like a sci-fi novel or the next space film, but he's serious.


"We need to figure out how to actually build a society [in space], starting with a small one and then growing," he says.


"We are what we are now because of millions of years of evolution and a very favorable environment on Earth.


"On Mars or any other place in the universe, from what I know, it's not as favourable as what it is here on Earth."


"We need to adapt really fast and without having technology helping us with this adaptation, I don't think it can actually happen," Usov adds.


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