After an ugly incident, 20-Year-Olivia Dunne's Male Fans Finally Respect Her Request 

Fans of the gymnast Olivia Dunne appear to be heeding the call for respect following the incident at the LSU vs. Utah gymnastics competition last month. 

Fans behaved well at the most recent meet, which was held this Friday. 

It demonstrates the fervent devotion with which followers follow the rising gymnastics star on Twitter. 

One of the most important gymnasts in the business is Olivia Dunne. 

The 20-year-old is only in her first year of college, but because to her success on TikTok and other social media platforms, her admirers appear to have developed strong bonds with her. 

When it was most necessary, the LSU gymnast utilized her notoriety to caution her followers about their actions. 

Unexpectedly, spectators' crazy behavior from the gymnastics meet in January was the opposite at the most recent one. 

On Friday, supporters of Olivia Dunne revealed a new side to gymnast admirers. 

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