The most incredible cupcakes with a shortcake-like flavor! They are simple and delicious, especially with fresh strawberries and creamy whipped cream.  

Easy-to-make scratch vanilla Piñata Cupcakes include a colorful sprinkle surprise within and a creamy buttercream icing on top.  

These beach cupcakes are a fun beach-themed treat that is perfect for your next summer party! With a sandy shore and ocean frosting, 

cupcakes are homemade chocolate cakes filled with cherries, then topped with a cherry buttercream frosting. 


These delicious and soft fresh strawberry cupcakes are made with love. Fresh strawberry buttercream and chunks of sliced strawberries enrich every mouthful.  


Because a cake mix and cherry pie filling are used, these rich and indulgent Black Forest Cupcakes are quite simple to make.  

The raspberry filled side of a vanilla cupcake coated in peanut butter icing and peanuts is hidden by Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes!  

These Earl Grey cupcakes smell heavenly with lavender frosting. The perfect infused cupcake for afternoon tea with friends. 


These mint julep cupcakes are the dessert version of your favorite drink. Make them for your next party! 

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