Android 15 improves the Pixel's worst camera feature.

Unless you buy an excessively costly webcam, your Android smartphone's camera may outperform your PC's. 


Many individuals use their smartphone as a camera because third-party apps make it easy. 


Google included USB webcam compatibility to Android 14 QPR1 for Pixel phones, making this easier.


Android's camera capability is useful because it doesn't require an app, but it's lacking. 


Video quality disappointed Android Authority's Dhruv Bhutani when he compared it to the iPhone Continuity Camera. 


He said his Google Pixel 8 Pro webcam footage was “pretty mediocre” and “nowhere near as good as the iPhone.”


In my tests, Android 14's built-in webcam had much lower video quality than third-party apps. This meant Android's webcam was the problem, not the phone. 


 My assumption is that Google tuned Android 14's webcam for durability at the expense of video quality. This is bad because some video chats are short and certain phones can broadcast high-quality video for long periods.


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