Apple's AI goals may involve Google or OpenAI.

Bloomberg says that Apple is in “active negotiations” with Google to bring Gemini generative AI to the iPhone and may use OpenAI's ChatGPT.


Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has said that the company is spending “a tremendous amount of time and effort” on artificial intelligence features and will release them “later this year.


 Bloomberg reports that Apple's AI features may use a combination of first- and third-party AI models. 


Google partnerships might fuel cloud-based AI services like text- and image-generation, 


while Apple's models could power on-device generative AI in iOS 18 later this year.


Apple would not be the first company to use Google's AI technologies on its phones if a deal goes through. 


Samsung launched Galaxy AI-branded capabilities to its Galaxy S24 devices, powered by Google's AI, earlier this year. 


Pixel 8 devices also have Google's AI. Google's AI tech may be branded or integrated into Apple devices.


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