This delicious taco salad, topped with eerie peepers, is full of meat, cheese, tomato, and a delightful southwestern flavor that will satisfy even the most squeamish member of your family.

These chewy "mice" were always a favorite at classroom celebrations with their candy noses, peanut ears, and red licorice tails.

This is a very simple recipe that tastes so good that it will be desired for more than just April Fool's Day! —

These delicious frozen cocktails, made possible by Pop Rocks candy, will truly make your lips tingle! 

This sweet twist on eggs and toast is a hit with my boys. Any kind of fruit will work as the "egg yolk," as will pudding made with butterscotch or vanilla.

This snake-shaped sandwich makes a spooktacular centerpiece and is rather yummy.

To enjoy these pine cones as a snack, pull out each Goldfish Graham and dip it into the creamy center.

Cauliflower becomes a delicious snack when roasted. It will be devoured by your family as easily as popcorn.

The flavor of this "feet loaf" is just like your preferred homemade meatloaf. Both Christians and unbelievers will find it very appealing.

‘The Zone of Interest’ Director Discusses Gaza at Oscars 

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