Bedtime Snacks for Sleeping Through the Night

Diet, physical activity, stress, and sleep all have a role in maintaining good health.  

However, it is not unexpected that what you eat can affect your evening sleep.   

While the meals you eat during the day may have an affect on your sleep, the optimum time to nibble your way to better sleep is right before bedtime.   

Eating the correct foods (or combinations of foods) in the evening can mean the difference between restless and comfortable sleep.   

Discover why and how foods can help you sleep, as well as 15 nighttime snacks that might help you fall asleep.   

The relationship between meals and sleep boils down to what you consume.   

Based on a 2016 studyAccording to a reliable source, micronutrient levels in the blood, such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, have been associated to increased sleep duration.

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