Ben and Andrew do a juice cleanse.  

On Tuesday, I started off strong, downing juice after juice before breakfast. At this point, I realised a significant weakness  

I truly despise apple juice.Ben: This weekend, I was in a play that required me to go around on stage in my pants for about 20 minutes.   

Always willing to suffer for my craft, I reasoned, "Hey, why not do one of those nifty juice cleanses to prepare  

I enjoy juice. I prefer cleanliness. I can combine these and swole up to epic proportions for the show."  

Andrew has abandoned me this week for an HMC conference, which I believe stands for Horrible Missing Co-writer or something like.   

Without Kathie Lee on my Regis, I was forced to rely on the internet to learn about cleanses.  

To avoid unpleasant side effects, you apparently need to "pre-cleanse," which means gradually reducing your intake of solid foods.   

You should also get specific drinks online to avoid dying from starvation.  

Everything sounded like a racket to me. I decided to consume only the greatest of nectars all week: HUDS apple juice.  

Ben: Hahaha! Good one, Andrew, sock puppet. That phrase is humorous because it is true.   

According to nutritional information gathered online, HUDS apple juice comprises 120 calories per serving, which is far more than I anticipated.  

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