Best Foods for Breaking a Fast.

For thousands of years, fasting has been a prevalent practice throughout many civilizations. In the recent decade   

Some people engage in time-restricted eating. This entails limiting the number of hours each day you can consume.   

For example, 18/6 intermittent fasting is fasting for 18 hours every day, typically overnight, and then eating only within a six-hour window throughout the day.   

In this situation, you might eat your first meal at midday, your last meal at 6 p.m., and then fast overnight until noon the next day.    

Other people practise alternate-day fasting, which consists of a 24-hour water fast followed by a full day of normal food in a cyclical manner.   

Others simply observe a 24-hour fast when they feel comfortable doing so. As the name implies, this means you won't eat for the entire 24-hour period.    

Keeping hydrated through water consumption is always permitted in any healthy fasting programme.   

When practicing intermittent fasting or indulging in occasional fasting, the focus is often on getting through the fasting window   

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