Body Fat Burning: The Details

Resistance training may inspire visions of extreme bodybuilders or Mac from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” It's not just about getting jacked.


1. Strong is the new skinny

HIIT is a high-energy workout that uses bursts of intensity and short recovery intervals to keep your heart rate up. It burns more calories faster than traditional cardio and increases fat reduction.


2. HIIT me baby, one more time

Cardio includes walking, running, dancing, and kickboxing. Heart and lung conditioning with this activity. Studies show that 20–40 minutes of moderate to intensive cardio per day burns visceral fat and boosts metabolism.


3. Don’t say “no” to cardio

Hear us! Vinegar boosts fat burning, heart health, and blood sugar control, according to research. A 2018 study found that drinking 1–2 teaspoons of vinegar daily for 12 weeks reduced body weight, belly fat, and waistline.


4. Pour a refreshing (shot) glass of… vinegar?

Protein is more than a post-workout smoothie additive. Protein, found in many delicious and nutritious foods, helps reduce your hunger and burn body fat, particularly visceral fat.


5. Move (bleep), get out the whey!

Fats vary in nutrition's enchanted world. Some fats are bad (trans fats), whereas others are helpful. Fat digests slowly, so your stomach empties slower. Fat, like protein, satisfies hunger.


6. Are you a good fat, or a bad fat?

Although refined may seem elegant, it is not when it comes to carbs. Grain bran and germ are removed from refined carbohydrates. Fiber and nutritional value have also been lost.


7. Royals should be refined, not carbs 

Slow-digesting soluble fiber absorbs water and keeps you full. A 2012 research of 1,114 adults found that increasing soluble fiber by 10 grams per day reduced abdominal fat by 3.7% over five years without changing diet or exercise!


8. Fiber art

Soda, juice, and frappuccinos are high in empty calories and can cause weight gain. Another culprit? Alcohol. Alcohol has many calories, which aren't indicated on the bottle. So your weekly Bachelor rosé has more calories than empty promises in the dream suite.


9. Sayonara soda & bye-bye booze!

Gut-targeted probiotics are beneficial microorganisms. A recent evaluation of 15 studies demonstrated that probiotic pills reduced weight and body fat more than placebo.


10. Be pro-biotic

Mars’s gravity may agitate Earth’s waters. 

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