Brembo's 2024 MotoGP Braking Systems Offer Customized Control

All 23rd MotoGP Championship competitors will use Brembo brake systems for the ninth year in a row. 


 This collaboration shows the teams' trust in Brembo's performance, dependability, and safety components. 


 Brake calipers, carbon discs, and other braking system components are available.


Brembo will offer technical solutions for braking system customization in 2024. 


This personalization takes into account each rider's riding style, track conditions, and strategy. 


Brembo and its affiliate AP Racing will also introduce new clutch technology to some competitors to boost performance.


All riders will use the GP4 caliper, known for its construction and performance. 


Technological methods include an amplification system to increase braking torque and an anti-drag system to reduce residual torque improve braking efficiency. Brembo produces carbon brake discs in various diameters and specifications for different racing circumstances.


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