Bridgerton Season 3's Villain Was Secretly Set Up By This Season 2 Storyline

Bridgerton season 3 can transform a long-term opponent into one of its major villains by adapting Colin and Penelope's book plot; however, the transformation was covertly set up by a Bridgerton season 2 storyline. In contrast to Benedict's book,   

which was used to adapt Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, season three of Bridgerton will center on Penelope and Colin's search for identity in society rather than their romantic relationship.   

Penelope's Lady Whistledown money was, however, endangered in one specific narrative of the fourth Bridgerton novel by a character who discovered her secret and attempted to bribe her, or else her Lady Whistledown secret would be revealed.  

Netflix's Bridgerton frequently examined the storylines of other supporting people in addition to the relationship between the main Bridgerton sibling, even if the show remained largely true in its translation.   

In this sense, the series enhanced the setting in which Bridgerton is situated, but it also unavoidably altered the beginning of the adventures of subsequent characters.   

This is particularly true for Penelope, whose family was not given as much attention in the books,  

which prevented Lord Featherington from passing away from debts from fixed boxing matches prior to the telling of her narrative in Romancing Mr. Bridgerton.   

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