cabbage hotpot

It's been a while (too long!) since we last uploaded a recipe, but we're back with some exciting updates!

Katie and I have been on an incredible adventure together (follow us on Instagram), experiencing the pleasures of pregnancy and getting ready for the arrival of our first child!

However, our enthusiasm for home cooking has remained unwavering.

In fact, we've been cooking up a storm recently!Today, we'd like to offer a simple and nutritious meal that we've been enjoying throughout Katie's pregnancy.

The digital display featured a delicious cabbage hotpot (jeongol) recipe that could be readily replicated at home. To our amazement, it tasted amazing with only a few simple ingredients.

Who would have guessed cabbage could make such a tasty and light hot-pot broth?When paired with a few spoonfuls of Tsuyu sauce, it becomes the ideal weeknight hotpot!

We enjoy sharing practical and delicious recipes with our neighbors, so here it is...I wrote down some cooking tips for Cabbage Hotpot.

Do not worry if you don't have a mandolin slicer! Simply use a knife to slice the cabbage into small pieces.

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