Cast of Art of Love: Meet the actors and actresses from the Turkish Netflix film

A new romantic comedy called Art of Love was just released on Netflix, and a lot of people are watching it.

As of March 15, it's really among the most popular films on Netflix. 

We must give you all the information about this movie below, especially if you've already put it to your watchlist and are eager to see it soon.

Directed by Recai Karagöz, Art of Love is a Turkish Netflix original film based on a script by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu.

The Turkish romantic comedy Love Tactics 2 is the work for which Recai is most recognized. 

On the crime drama series My Name Is Farah, he also served as director.

Pelin wrote the script and worked on Love Tactics 2 as well. She also created the script for the movie Love Tactics.

Alin, an officer in the Art Crime Unit of Interpol, is the focus of Art of Love. Alin has been pursuing an art thief for a number of years who has been taking priceless artworks, but she hasn't been able to find them.

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