Charming Choices: A Collection of Baby Names Starting with I 

Isabella: A timeless and elegant name of Spanish origin meaning "pledged to God." 

Isaac: A strong and classic name with Hebrew roots, meaning "laughter" or "he will laugh." 

Ivy: A botanical name with English origins, symbolizing faithfulness, eternity, and strong affection. 

Ian: A simple yet handsome name derived from the Scottish Gaelic name "Iain," meaning "God is gracious." 

Isla: A graceful and feminine name of Scottish origin, often associated with tranquility and purity. 

Ibrahim: A powerful and meaningful name of Arabic origin, derived from the prophet Abraham, meaning "father of many nations." 

Iris: A beautiful floral name of Greek origin, representing the rainbow and symbolizing hope and faith. 

Isla: A trendy and melodic name of Spanish origin, meaning "island," evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity. 

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