Check Out Adrianne Lenker & Nick Hakim's Electric Lady Studios Performance of Two Songs From Bright Future!

Big Thief leader Adrianne Lenker releases her solo album Bright Future on Friday. 

Lenker recorded the LP alongside other multi-instrumentalists, including indie soul musician Nick Hakim. 

Having been friends since high school, Lenker and Hakim recently performed songs from the new album for a private audience at New York's Electric Lady Studios.

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The New York Times said that Adrianne Lenker and Nick Hakim were still “working out the kinks” of the new songs when they played Electric Lady in January. 

Lenker stated, “It was just very present, which was special. 

Even though it's imperfect, it fits the record.

Have you seen Big Thief live? The imperfections often overshadow Lenker and pals' recordings.

Adrianne Lenker posted video of herself and Nick Hakim playing “Sadness As A Gift” and “Ruined” at Electric Lady this morning.

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