Coach Prime receives a 100 billion ZWD gift from Zimbabwe to pay off his parking tickets at CU. 

Deion Sanders’s book tour included appearances on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show and NBC's Today Show, where he received a thoughtful gift for his daughter. 

The finale of his book tour took place at the Macky Auditorium at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

During the tour, Sanders was surprised with an extravagant gift from Zimbabwe. 

Reach The People Media's YouTube channel documented Sanders's emotional book promotion journey. 

Sanders engaged with fans at Boulder, unaware of the surprise awaiting him. 

A fan presented him with a 100 billion Zimbabwean dollar bill, explaining that they also have trillion dollar notes. 

The fan intended to give the bill to Sanders to pay for his parking tickets at CU. 

The unusual gift sparked curiosity and discussion. 

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