Cook County State's Attorney contest too close to call; Harris, Burke will count mail-in votes.

Clayton Harris III and Eileen O'Neill Burke are facing off in the Cook County State's Attorney Illinois 2024 primary, the closest on Tuesday night.


O'Neill Burke her supporters that while they have maintained their advantage through the night, 


 the contest is too close to call and she will wait until all ballots, including mail-in votes, are counted.


O'Neill Burke became State's Attorney after resigning from the judiciary, which is rare. 


 She campaigned as a change candidate to satisfy State's Attorney Kim Foxx's critics.


Harris thanked supporters and promised to count every mail-in vote and wait patiently for the results. 


 Supporters should be proud of their campaign work, he said.


Over 100,000 mail-in ballots were solicited, and those returned by today will be counted in two weeks.


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