Cowboy Carter: What We Know about Beyoncé's Next Album 

Beyoncé's next album, "Cowboy Carter," follows her dance-infused "Renaissance." 

Fans are eagerly anticipating Beyoncé's shift to Americana with "Cowboy Carter." 

The album artwork features Beyoncé atop a space-age horse, maintaining a connection to "Renaissance." 

"Cowboy Carter" showcases Beyoncé's mastery of country and Americana genres. 

Singles like "Texas Hold ’Em" and "16 Carriages" give a taste of the album's sound. 

Beyoncé's new project promises a departure from her previous dance-oriented style. 

"Cowboy Carter" embraces Americana influences, adding depth to Beyoncé's musical repertoire. 

The album's thematic shift to Americana marks a bold new direction for Beyoncé. 

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