Dale Earnhardt Jr. discusses NASCAR horsepower.

This weekend before and after Sunday's Shriners Children's 500 at Phoenix Raceway, NASCAR's Next Gen vehicle era conversation intensified.


 Denny Hamlin initiated the topic on his “Actions Detrimental” podcast by asking why NASCAR was reluctant to raise racecar horsepower.


“The engine bills are the same, I've said this forever,” Hamlin remarked. 


Engine bills are the same as when they were 900, Jared. Yes, we buy engines.”


This week on his “Dale Jr. Download” podcast, Dale Earnhardt Jr. addressed Hamlin's comments and the horsepower argument. 


 The NASCAR Hall of Famer doubts that additional horsepower will improve short track racing.


“I love Denny’s honesty and I’m glad,” Earnhardt remarked. If this is essential to him and he thinks it would help, he should keep arguing. 


 Adding horsepower may not make a difference. Denny drives the automobiles, so I trust his opinion. If he says switching horsepower won't impact the cost, I'll trust his advice.


Eclipse photographers will study the sun’s disappearance. 

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