Dark matter does not exist, according to a new paper.

A controversial new article indicates the universe is twice as old as existing theories and that dark matter...

...which most physicists believe makes up most of the universe, doesn't exist.

Dark matter is thought to exert gravitational force but not interact with light or the electromagnetic field.

Astrophysicists have struggled for decades to explain why it makes up 26% of the universe but cannot be directly viewed.

Last year, University of Ottawa physics professor Rajendra Gupta, the only author of a new Astrophysical Journal publication, suggested the universe was 26.7 billion years old, twice as ancient as previously thought.

Gupta challenges dark matter in his latest work while expanding his idea.

"The study's findings confirm that our previous work about the age of the universe being 26.7 billion years has allowed us to discover that the Universe does not require dark matter to exist," stated Gupta in a blog post.

It's a controversial theory that contradicts expert consensus.

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