Devin Booker regains control in Phoenix with a victory over the 76ers.  

We can blame Frank Vogel when a poor Phoenix Suns team is dragging to the finish line  

2023-34 season falls on Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant.  

When the defence is as awful as it has been, a club that is ninth in the league in offensive rating (117.1) should not be paying much attention to that side of the ball.   

The offense's control must be consolidated. With another 23 turnovers on Wednesday, it would appear that things aren't improving, but it all starts with one game and one player at a time.  

Following Wednesday night's victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, changes began to emerge inside the offence, which determined the game's outcome.   

Not only did it take work, but it also required absolute domination in one star.   

 Booker, with true confidence as the team's leader, dominated the second quarter, helping to terminate the game early and putting the Suns in the correct way with dignity.  

If this club intends to make a postseason push, Booker must be the number one.   

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