Draymond Green cautions NBA awards rule costs.

Draymond Green, ahead of his season debut, shared thoughts on an NBA rule change. He supports the 65-game rule but foresees contract challenges.  

To combat load management, the NBA altered eligibility for seasonal awards. Players now need to play in at least 65 of 82 regular-season games to qualify.  

During an interview, Green expressed his opinion on this rule change, worrying that healthy players might earn undeserved accolades.  

Green mentioned how these awards can lead to significant paydays for players.

He emphasized his own goals, indicating the importance of playing 65 games to achieve them.  

Green's targets include Defensive Player of the Year and All-Defense team nominations. He has a strong history with eight All-Defense team selections and a DPOY win in 2017.  

Green is renowned for his consistency, rarely missing games during his 11-year career.  

He fell short of the 65-game mark only three times, with two instances related to the COVID-19 shortened season and one in 2022 when he played in 46 games.  

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