Eagle Eye People Can Try These Tricky Optical Illusion Puzzle

Do you enjoy puzzles that make you think? If so, you'll enjoy optical illusions! Optical illusions are pictures that deceive our eyes and cause us to see things that do not exist. 

Here's an optical illusion with three images: A, B, and C. There is something different in the photographs below; discover and circle the difference. If you have eagle eyes, try to identify the difference.

Did you notice anything different in the image? If so, wonderful job. For those who haven't figured out the difference in image "B," see the image below, where the answer is circled in black.

Are your eyes sharp? This challenge is for you. If you have good eyesight, you should be able to spot the occasional bee in 10 seconds.

So, attempt to identify the unusual bee in 10 seconds, but don't focus solely on time; you can still take longer time to catch the bee. 

Scan the image carefully with your eyes to find the strange one. Check each row and column from beginning to end. The occasional bee could be hiding somewhere in the photograph.

Have you seen the unusual bee amid the others? Don't be concerned if you can't always identify the odd bee in 10 seconds; it's just a fun task. Scroll down to get the solution.

Ready for a challenge? In this optical illusion, we'll show you two similar photos. But, wait! They're not the same. Five discrepancies are disguised. Can you see them all in 12 seconds?

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