Espresso and cappuccino freddo

'Hello, my name is Ania, and I am an espresso freddo addict!' Espresso freddo is a Greek staple, and no summer is complete without it.

Unlike other cold coffees, this one is really basic and straightforward - quality coffee, ice, sometimes sugar, perhaps a splash of milk, and that's it. 

No whipped cream, ice cream scoops, or chemically flavored coffee syrups. What you see is what you get, which is a good thing because freddos are not only delicious but also visually appealing.

Especially against the backdrop of whitewashed buildings with turquoise doors and the breathtaking blue sea!

When ordering espresso (or cappuccino) freddo, Greeks use a secret code. You can choose between γλυκo (sweet), μ΄τριο / metrio (medium-sweet), or σκέτο / sketo (unsweetened).

The problem is, this is a highly subjective scale. In some locations, metrio is overly sweet, while in others, it is exactly right.

We used to always eat metrio, but because most restaurants were overly liberal with sugar, we decided to bite the bullet and start ordering sketo.

 It was alarming at first - the first sip seemed like it might wake up a corpse - but now I wouldn't drink my espresso freddo any other way.

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