Everything you need to know about Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2. 

Kevin Costner teases his multipart Western "Horizon: An American Saga," diverting attention from Yellowstone fans' desire for closure. 

Despite Yellowstone fans' anticipation for the Dutton family's saga conclusion, Costner's focus shifts to his new project. 

Yellowstone enthusiasts eagerly await the resolution of the Duttons' story amid uncertainty surrounding Costner's future involvement. 

Costner's clash with Paramount Network and showrunner Taylor Sheridan adds to speculation about his role in the franchise. 

Details on Yellowstone season 5, part 2 emerge as fans await its return. 

Updates on Yellowstone season 5, part 2 keep fans informed. 

Costner's unveiling of "Horizon: An American Saga" draws attention away from Yellowstone's anticipated conclusion. 

Speculation mounts over Costner's potential departure from the Yellowstone franchise amidst ongoing conflicts. 

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