Everything You Should Know About Getting 3D Nail Art 

I’ve long wanted to try 3D nail art, but I never thought the textured look would work for me. As Glamour’s junior art designer, I’m constantly drawing, so I prefer to keep my nails short.  

As a Glamour junior art designer, my passion for 3D nail art has lingered, yet I hesitated due to the belief that the textured aesthetic might not suit my shorter nails.  

3D nail art has long intrigued me, though I doubted its compatibility with my preference for short nails. 

Despite my longing to experiment with 3D nail art, I harbored reservations about its suitability for short nails.  

My fascination with 3D nail art persisted, although I questioned its feasibility on shorter nails.  

Eager to explore 3D nail art, I hesitated due to concerns about its compatibility with my short nails. 

3D nail art has intrigued me for some time, yet I questioned whether it could translate well onto my shorter nails.  

Intrigued by 3D nail art, I hesitated due to uncertainties about its compatibility with my shorter nail length.  

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