Executive Announces Changes to Hallmark Channels, Including New Talent

Hallmarkies, change is coming! Hallmark Channel's executive VP of programming, Lisa Hamilton Daly, plans to revamp the channel's movies and mysteries in 2024, from stories to actors.

TV Insider reports that Hallmark Channel has dominated the TV romance movie category since 2001 and has offered G-rated mysteries on its sister network, Hallmark Mystery, since 2004. 

Hamilton Daly says that what started as a few original projects per year has grown into numerous movie premieres per month, requiring meticulous planning and many unique, different stories.

On March 12, 2024, the former Netflix executive, who joined Hallmark in 2021 to oversee programming,

told Hallmark Mysteries & More podcast host Eric Rutin that she would infuse “more sophisticated” production, tell “new kinds of stories” and “expand the talent pool” across Hallmark's networks.

In 2023, Nielsen statistics showed Hallmark Channel as the most-watched cable entertainment network, but Hamilton Daly has stated in recent interviews that Hallmark must evolve to stay on top.

 She believes that minor but crucial adjustments, such as adding fresh talent and eliminating exclusive contracts for regular actors, 

 would maintain Hallmark a ratings winner without giving up its cozy, soothing love stories.

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