Federal COVID-19 guidance simplified by CDC, just 18% of WA residents vaccinated.

 "From the start of this season, 95% of hospitalized patients didn't have an updated vaccine," said CDC Director Dr. Mandy Cohen

The Washington Department of Health reports that over the past eight months, 1.575 million COVID-19 immunizations had been delivered.

Our state has 18.1% of persons who have all the CDC-recommended dosages.

 "We have those tools to protect each other, we just need to use it," added Cohen.

Good news: COVID-19, flu, and RSV ER visits are dropping by double digits week-to-week.


 COVID hospitalizations are lower than in the prior two years, although flu and RSV hospitalizations are higher.


Remember, COVID isn't seasonal like flu. Flu has a winter season

 Dr. Cohen noted COVID is worse in winter but can still be seen in the coming months and summer.

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