First sale of the newly announced OnePlus Watch 2 brings price down to $250, a $50 savings

The new OnePlus Watch 2 is now available at its first discount.

It is now $249.99 delivered on Amazon in both the Black and Radiant Steel color options. 

 That represents a new all-time low and is $50 less than the typical $300 price tag.

The same $50 in discounts when you traded in a smartwatch was part of a launch promotion, 

now you can obtain the same value without having to give up your current wearable or go through the trade-in procedure.

 See our launch coverage for the complete details on what you can receive with the discount today. See more below.

The new OnePlus Watch 2 undoubtedly applies the many insights OnePlus has gained about what users desire from a smartwatch.

Along with Google's Wear OS 4 platform, it offers up to 100 hours of battery life, or nearly four full days of use. 

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