Francis Ford Coppola's Upcoming $120M Sci-Fi Is A Bigger Risk Considering His 21st Century Record 

Despite Francis Ford Coppola's return with the star-studded sci-fi "Megalopolis," doubts linger due to his recent cinematic track record. 

The $120 million production boasts Adam Driver's support, yet Coppola's prolonged absence from filmmaking casts uncertainty on "Megalopolis." 

Coppola's venture into sci-fi, a departure from his usual genres, adds another layer of unpredictability to "Megalopolis." 

With a lukewarm reception to his recent works, Coppola's ability to deliver a successful film remains uncertain. 

"Megalopolis" faces skepticism given Coppola's hiatus from the industry and mixed reviews of his recent projects. 

Despite Adam Driver's involvement, doubts persist about the commercial viability of Coppola's sci-fi endeavor. 

Coppola's first foray into the sci-fi genre amplifies the stakes for "Megalopolis." 

The success of "Megalopolis" is clouded by Coppola's absence from filmmaking and his recent films' tepid receptions. 

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