Giants mock draft: Taking a big swing at quarterback J.J. McCarthy  

Quarterback of the future? A playmaking wide receiver who can make an impact right now  

That seems to be the choice facing the New York Giants at No. 6 in the 2024 NFL Draft. It is not an easy decision.  

Do they adore J.J. McCarthy, the most likely quarterback available to them in the draft  

Are they blowing smoke to persuade the Minnesota Vikings to move past them so they may have a better chance at the wide receiver they want  

I always say that if you need a quarterback and adore one who is within your budget, no price is too high to go get him.  

Here, I execute the McCarthy manoeuvre. The Giants are in a 'need' situation, whether they want to admit it openly or not.   

I didn't intend to do a 'trade up' draft. Until recently, I felt it would be too expensive to reach No. 4 with the "open for business" Arizona Cardinals.  

The Minnesota Vikings hold selections 11 and 23, and they are widely regarded as the Cardinals' most potential trade partner.  

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